Dometo Associates' targeting strategies and analysis are tied to a research-based process that identifies areas of steady and growing demand with limited economic risk. We remain responsive to the economic cycle, pursuing a "Buy it, fix it, rent it" strategy.

Successfully investing in a highly specialized and complex alternative such as real estate requires cooperation, coordination, and the ability to think differently. Our ultimate goal is to maintain transparency while executing strategies that outperform the market.



Our firm applies a systematic investment process during acquisitions combining both top-down economic and demographic research with bottom-up sourcing by getting access to local facts through a strong network of owner, realtors, attorneys and property managers.


Top-Down Research:

  • Regional Economic Analysis
  • Objectively measure which metropolitan areas are promoting economic vitality.
  • Quantitative – Quality employment and wage growth combined with property type supply/demand inputs.
  • Qualitative – Focus on stable growth markets and avoid stagnant ones.

Bottom-Up Sourcing:

  • Access Local Knowledge
  • Transaction flow generated through network of local operator relationships.
  • Property selection is a local business.